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Tea History: Black-run Tea Rooms in the 1920s and 1930s

Hey Tea-Mates! I thought it would be interesting to share some little know histroy on Black-run and patronized tea rooms in the 20s and 30s! The original link and an excerpt is below!   You can view the original blog post here: https://restaurant-ingthroughhistory.com/2011/02/13/african-american-tea-rooms/   It’s easy to see why black women, and men, wanted to create their own tea rooms. For one thing, even in states where Jim Crow policies were not enacted into law it was common for white-run tea rooms and restaurants to engage in racial discrimination. Secondly, starting a business represented the fulfillment of the idea of self-help for blacks as advanced by leaders. Perhaps that was what inspired Mittie Burgess, a Georgia-born caterer in her late 30s, to...

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5 Easy Ways To Support Black Businesses

               5  Easy Ways To Support Black Businesses Follow Social Media Accounts!  This will increase the brands followers, and also make it easier for you to see brand updates, new products, and sales! Like, Comment, and Share on Black Business post!  This is a perfect way to show your support. Through active engagement, you are supporting the brand by helping spread brand awareness! Refer The Business To A Friend If you see someone looking for services, direct them to a local Black business!  Write reviews for the brand when you receive your product and or service! This will help build brand trust, and influence others to try the brand for themselves  Shop with Black Businesses!...

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Shelter In Place 101: How To Stay Busy On The Weekends

  Shelter In Place 101: How To Stay Busy On The Weekends  Hello Tea-mates! A few weeks ago we shared a few tips on how to stay busy during quarantine. We definitely think it’s time for an update! As the weeks go by, days seem longer, and weekends seem to last a full 7 days. Here are a few DIY (do it yourself) Projects that you can do safely at home!  Rearrange rooms in your home for a new look!  Got extra time on your hands? Use this time to rearrange decor in your home! Finally get rid of a junk drawer, or rearrange the furniture in your living room. This will give your home a new feel.  Organize your...

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