5 Easy Ways To Support Black Businesses

               5  Easy Ways To Support Black Businesses

  • Follow Social Media Accounts! 
  • This will increase the brands followers, and also make it easier for you to see brand updates, new products, and sales!
  • Like, Comment, and Share on Black Business post! 
  • This is a perfect way to show your support. Through active engagement, you are supporting the brand by helping spread brand awareness!
  • Refer The Business To A Friend
  • If you see someone looking for services, direct them to a local Black business! 
  • Write reviews for the brand when you receive your product and or service!
  • This will help build brand trust, and influence others to try the brand for themselves 
  • Shop with Black Businesses!
  • Lastly, if you are searching for a product try looking for Black owned companies who sell the same thing you are looking to get in stores!