Natural Living 101: Afro Hair Care Tips!

Natural Living 101: Afro Hair Care Tips! 
  1. Change your pillow sheets from Cotton to Satin! This is a huge one, ,everybody! Satin is a less harsh fabric and by using satin pillowcases it eliminates the friction that cotton pillow cases tend to cause! 
  1. Hot Oil Treatments! Hot oil treatments are a great way to lock in moisture! Peppermint oil promotes growth, so keep that in mind if you are looking to lock in moisture and grow your hair all at once! Once a week BEFORE washing your hair, slightly warm up some peppermint oil in the microwave 30 seconds should be enough depending on your heat settings! Let the oil sit in your hair for AT LEAST an hour - but don’t be afraid to leave it overnight! Lastly, a quick co-wash! 
  1. Create your own hair mask right out your fridge! By using mayo, eggs, and avocado - you already have the perfect hair mask! Blend them all together and let it sit in your hair! 
  1. Green Tea for hair growth! Now this is a huge one! Green Tea has great benefits for your hair including; reducing hair loss and hair shedding, stimulating hair growth,  treating 
scalp flaking and dandruff, and softening hair because it contains polyphenols, vitamin C and Vitamin E! Google all the different ways you can create hair products from Green Tea! 
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  1. Touch your scalp! Don’t be afraid to massage your scalp while watching tv or reading a book! Massaging your scalp may help dilate blood vessels beneath the skin, thereby encouraging hair growth
  1. Lastly, drink water!