Shelter In Place 101: How To Stay Busy On The Weekends


Shelter In Place 101: How To Stay Busy On The Weekends 
Hello Tea-mates! A few weeks ago we shared a few tips on how to stay busy during quarantine. We definitely think it’s time for an update! As the weeks go by, days seem longer, and weekends seem to last a full 7 days. Here are a few DIY (do it yourself) Projects that you can do safely at home! 
  1. Rearrange rooms in your home for a new look! 
Got extra time on your hands? Use this time to rearrange decor in your home! Finally get rid of a junk drawer, or rearrange the furniture in your living room. This will give your home a new feel. 
  1. Organize your closet 
Maybe it’s time to organize your closet. If you’re really bored, try organizing by style, color, and of course season. 
  1. Clean out your computer? 
Are you a computer hoarder? Me too! Let’s get rid of some of those old files, emails, and useless saved photos. 
  1. Paint a room a new color 
The time for home improvements has arrived! Amazon has amazing at-home renovation tools for a really great price. Improve your home, from the safety of your home. 
  1. Start an in-home garden 
Speaking of Amazon, they have amazing home plants as well, elivered right to your home. Create a beautiful home garden! 
These are just a few small projects you can start from the safety of your home.  Enjoy and be safe!