Vision Board 101: How To Bring Your Vision Boards To Life

Vision Board 101: How To Bring Your Vision Boards To Life 
A Vision Board is a visual presentation used to highlight a specific goal. Vision boards come in all shapes, styles, colors, and categories. The most common vision boards are a combination of markers, magazine cut-outs, sticky notes, and your personal imagination! That’s what makes them so popular. Vision Boards give you the opportunity to add some glitter to your future goals! During our shelter-in-place, there are many things we can do to stay productive, and a vision board can help you stay on track with your goals, even during this crazy time! Here are some tips to help bring your Vision Board to life! 
  1. Decide on what type of Vision Board you’d like to create. Will it be short term or long term goals? Will it be for your personal life, business, friendships, or a general board of your future? Once you decide on what board you’d like to create it’ll be easier to stay on topic with your board! 
  1. Once you decide what board you wish to create, write your goals down. This will be your Vision Board map, and an easy tool to help you keep track of the goals you wish to include on your board. When you write your goals, push yourself, write down goals that will give you a challenge. A perfect example: Pay off one full credit card! 
  1. After you’ve written down your goals, now you’re ready to dress them up! Have fun designing and creating your mood board. Take your time, dress it up, make something you will be proud of! 
  1. Once you’re finished creating the Vision Board, hang it up! Put it in a place you will see it! This will remind you of your goals everyday.  You can even hang it up in a beautiful picture frame! A perfect place for this will be the bathroom! Every month you’ll have new bathroom artwork! 
  1. Save your Vision Boards! Collect them. Maybe make a new one every month to keep track of the goals you have completed.This will give you a chance to look back at your growth over time and see how far you’ve come! So how will these things help you bring your goals to life? Easy! Speak things into existence. Once you say your goals out loud, write them down, take your time and think during this process.  Write down goals that you have to work to reach, mix your creativity with your goals, and create something you can be proud of! Show off your goals by framing you artwork and hanging it up, post it on your social media, show your friends! Save your Vision Boards, this gives you the opportunity to go back and look at all of the goals you’ve achieved.